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Our Background

Look below to read how we got started with Amazon FBA

Why We Need You

Everyone’s first question they ask us before signing on is why don’t we just do this ourselves? Why bring on clients? 

In order to get access to good wholesale prices, you need to spend $200,000+ with suppliers monthly. Suppliers will give their best deals to their top spenders, bringing clients on allows for us to pool money together, to place big purchase orders, establish a relationship with suppliers, and unlock the best possible pricing to give all of our clients the highest possible ROI! As we grow and spend more with our suppliers, so does your ROI!

Why Choose Us?

Before choosing to partner with us to run your Amazon store, learn why it makes sense to partner with us!

Brand Name Products

We have access to wholesale pricing for brands like Colgate, Disney, Head & Shoulders, Dove, etc.

Great Pricing

Our clients allow us to have access to massive buying power that makes us top spenders with our suppliers, therefore we get access to their best deals. 

Passive Income

Earn monthly passive income and make your money work for you. Our service is 100% passive for our clients.

we prep

Our team preps, ships, and handles all your units!

A few things that set us apart

You Control your inventory spend

It is completely up to you how much inventory you purchase monthly

You RECEIVE All payouts first

Your bank account is connected to your Amazon account and you receive all payouts before we get our split 

Inventory buy back

If your inventory is not sellable because it was damaged or had an IP compliant, you will be completely reinbursed

24/7 Access to us

You will have 24/7 direct access to our entire team

Meet the Limits Express Amazon Automation Team!

Kyle Enberg

President & Director

Hunter Guinto

Vice President & Director


Account Manager

Brent Pearl

Purchasing Manager

Our Backround

Kyle and Hunter started in E-commerce in 2019 while in college. After not finding much success with Shopify dropshipping they came across Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping. A brand new shopping platform that had been rolled out on Facebook, they were able to do very well generating 7 figures in sales their first year. They started a YouTube channel to document their journey, teach others, and network with other E-commerce sellers. Through their success with Facebook they were able to meet several mentors who had been doing Amazon FBA. They made the transition to Amazon because of the consistency, stability, and scalability Amazon had to offer. They were able to scale their own store to 6 figures in sales within months due to the connections they had made. They started an Amazon automation company after realizing to really scale in this business it is all about capital, to compete with other Amazon sellers, and to get the best deals from distributors, you need to be their top spenders. Now with pooling clients money together Kyle and Hunter are able to get access to great deals that helps everyone win, their client’s get great ROI’s and make monthly passive income, while Kyle and Hunter are able to continue to scale their business and establish great relationships with distributors!

Quick Onboard Process

Our onboard process allows you to have inventory sent into Amazon days after signing on with us!

Review and sign contract

Both parties review and sign into a 3 year written agreement.

Store Setup

We provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide thats walks you through a 15-20 minute step up on Amazon.

Get Spreadsheets

We will share your buying and order sheet with you. One tracks all inventory you have purchased while the other tracks your profits.

Purchase First Inventory

Once all that is complete you are ready to send your inventory spend in and get products to your store!

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